A jolly look back at the world’s accomplishments in 2021

The United Nations declared 2021 the International Year of Peace and Trust.

However there were many things accomplished this year.  

Image of a trial participant using the wireless device

A human brain was wirelessly connected to a computer.  Trial participants with paralysis were able to move robotic limbs by simply imagining their movements.  So the participants were able to experience what life has been like for many of us over the past few months: imagining moving limbs, only to result in general paralysis and wireless computer games.

Meanwhile, an influential leader in disarmament in New Zealand announced that the country would push for an international ban on lethal autonomous weapons systems (LAWS), also called “killer robots,” which can identify, target and kill without human input.  The US rejects calls to regulate or ban these killer robots, while it considers whether to make abortion illegal for nearly half of US women.  The SB8 law, giving people the right to sue doctors who perform an abortion past six weeks, remains in place. Could a possible solution be for robots to be admitted into the American College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists?

From the right to life to the right to love: Switzerland agreed to legalise civil marriage.  It’s important to take your time when considering how other people should live their lives. Or, indeed, if. Thanks to the surge in virology research following recent global efforts to develop a vaccine for those who choose to protect themselves and others, a new HIV vaccine, based on the Moderna vaccine, showed a 97% antibody response rate in Phase I clinical trials.  It is hailed as a promising breakthrough, forty years later. Also this year, the WHO endorsed the first malaria vaccine, and declared China malaria-free.  The WHO has since dismissed theories that China’s epidemiological data reporting is either batshit crazy or fishy.

From fish to more on the vesica piscis between animals and humans: two dolphins were spotted swimming in Venice’s famous Grand Canal, possibly due to reduced traffic this year.  Their encounter with the Italians was a typical one, they were discouraged from coming to shore, and instead were given a spritz, became disorientated, and ended up sleeping with the fishes.

In other liquidity news, following the Reddit WallStreetBets and GameStop stock fiasco, amateur Reddit investors adopted 3,500 endangered gorillas in 6 days with the money they gained from their successful guerilla investment strategy. More questionable was the seven foot tall gorilla modelled on the silverback Harambe shot in a zoo, placed in a stand-off against the bull of Wall street.


Harambe the gorilla's statue stands in the way of Charging Bull on Wall  Street, Trending News | wionews.com


The pop-up installation by Sapien.Network, a social networking platform “dedicated to putting the needs and welfare of human beings first,” said the protest highlights ‘uncompassionate capitalism’ and the growing disparity of wealth.  Perhaps the writer could profit from a module of English for Alternative Investment – on the house of course. Spain has recently been bullish in its compassion for animals, passing a new law recognising animals as ‘sentient beings’. Spanish lawmaker Guillermo Díaz commented ‘We are the only species that recognises the suffering of others and as such we have an obligation to prevent that suffering’. So there is still some progress to be made when it comes to equality, but could this mean the end of bull fighting?

In environmental news, although the leaders of China, Russia and Brazil were absent from COP26, (and host Mr.Johnson left the summit immediately after opening, to fly to a dinner with a climate sceptic), sales of zero-emission vehicles surpassed diesel sales in Europe, and the United States officially rejoined the Paris Agreement, promising to lead by example.  Although Biden declined to join the promise to end coal mining and to compensate poor countries for climate damage.  The Dutch government stepped up to the challenge of holding conglomerates to account when it comes to climate impact, when this year Shell became the first company to be legally mandated to align its carbon emissions with the Paris climate accord. As the decision is only enforceable in the Netherlands, Shell’s HQ has since been relocated to the UK, and the group’s name is being stripped of  ‘Royal Dutch’. This may be seen by some as just another story of oil, stripping, and passing the Dutchie to the left hand side, but it is uplifting to see Dutch and British relations getting high.  The Dutch will certainly profit from the UK’s wealth of knowledge when it comes to royal Duchy investment, offshore shell companies, and setting aside stuffy royal protocol in the interests of the conviviality of sharing the spoils.

Whether leading astray or leading the ‘billioneur’ space race, the UK and US are neck and neck in the dash to the final frontier,  coming up first and second respectively in the competition to get theirs up highest.  The younger South African, although taking third place, is able to get his up again.  He followed by whetting the appetite of global NGOs, pledging $6bn to help cure world hunger, if the WFP could explain clearly how the money would be spent, a knowing eyebrow raise to recent corruption scandals involving purported sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers and Oxfam.

The Briton may have been faster this time, but the US are still highest, with NASA’s Perseverance rover making oxygen on Mars, and the land of the free once again topping the list for global cannabis sales this year.  It comes as no surprise then that the first direct observation of light from behind a black hole was reported this year by Americans.  Because we’re all, like, stardust, you know? Reflecting the light of wisdom through the darkness of ignorance.

Cups & Balls Magic - DVD Combo by MAGIC MAKERS - YouTube

We’re sliding around the Venn diagram circles of animal, human, machine, like the overturned cups in a magic trick. 

Let’s keep our eye on the ball and the communication open.

Shall we?

Peace and love.